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* Free oil change

to Amanda Darblow our Jan

* Free oil change

up to a $40.00 value

up to a $40.00 value

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Full Service Auto Repairs

From brake checks to complete motor replacements, you’re guaranteed to have your repair needs in a timely manner for a price that won’t break your bank. Call us now to learn more about our repair discount!

Your affordable repairs are only a phone call away


Save money when you choose us

Are you in need of new brakes or a full inspection? Call us today to learn more about our extensive brake services, thorough inspections, and accurate diagnoses. Whether you’re in need of new pads and rotors or a full inspection, we’ve got you covered!


Call us today to schedule an appointment with your local, leading competitor in the automotive repair industry! We strive to provide you with quality services for affordable rates.

Brake Services:

  • Shocks

  • ABS / ABS diagnostics

  • Pads

  • Calibers

  • Lines

  • Rotors

Warning Signs:

  • The brake dashboard light turns on

  • The brake pedal is slow to respond

  • You hear grinding or squealing during braking

  • Total loss of brakes

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Great maintenance support

Palmer has become my "go to" service provider for my vehicles. I am always pleased with the work they do, but am especially impressed by the work they don't do! When they see work that is unnecessary, they'll point it out and make a recommendation to skip it. For example, recently I brought my vehicle in for an oil change and tire rotation. After looking at the tires and seeing they were nearing end of life and were relatively evenly worn, they suggested the rotation would be a waste of money. I had another vehicle in for a noise I thought was coming from the suspension. A local dealer quoted me all new struts, at more than $1000.  -Miles W.

"they do excellent work, no overcharging, and they have his full trust." -Lawrence J

Excellent work!

"Personal service, provided instantly, @ correct price

As expected, timely, cost effective ." -DOUGLAS F.

Excellent Service!