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* Free oil change

to Amanda Darblow our Jan

* Free oil change

up to a $40.00 value

up to a $40.00 value

to Ariana Thelen our Feb

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Oil Changing

Great Service

"Honest, friendly, and helpful are the words that come to mind about Palmer Auto Service. We've never had a bad experience there. They have serviced all of our vehicles both foreign and domestic. They communicate often and will even drive you home and pick you up when your car is ready. I highly recommend them." - LORI PETERSON

Palmer employees

"Always friendly corteous service. Competitively priced...." - CHARLES and DAWN CARPENTER

Honest, Reliable

"Engine light on, coded as mis-fire on #6, could be spark plug or ignition coil. Turned out it was only a bad plug, but they could have sold me a coil as well. Thank you for the honesty!" - SHELLY FELDKAMP

Honest, Reliable

"This is the only auto service station I trust. They are courteous, thorough, professional, trustworthy and provide remarkable service at affordable prices. You can't go wrong by having your car serviced at Palmer Auto Service!!" - LORI S.



" was honest with him about his vehicle and they did a good job."


They did a good job

Service Was Excellent

"I'm very glad I went there." - TERRI ALLORE

Best Service

I always get the best service

I take my car to Palmer's because the service is fabulous. They are on time, they give me notice when my car will need future repairs, they are clean and the cost is always what I expect it to be. The friendly service keeps me coming back, and my car runs like it's brand new. I trust Palmer's. - PAMELA D.

Right price and time

Work was completed as agreed and for the quoted price, and by a competent technician/ mechanic. - ROY N.

Honest, great guys

These guys are great. I feel they're honest, accommodating, and know their stuff. After years of living in a city where I felt few carried about anything other than making a buck - I really enjoy doing business with these folks. Can't recommend them enough. - DIANE D.

Great maintenance support

Palmer has become my "go to" service provider for my vehicles. I am always pleased with the work they do, but am especially impressed by the work they don't do! When they see work that is unnecessary, they'll point it out and make a recommendation to skip it. For example, recently I brought my vehicle in for an oil change and tire rotation. After looking at the tires and seeing they were nearing end of life and were relatively evenly worn, they suggested the rotation would be a waste of money. I had another vehicle in for a noise I thought was coming from the suspension. A local dealer quoted me all new struts, at more than $1000. Palmer recognized that the noise was actually a rattling body panel mount. They inspected the struts and found that they were fine. I highly recommend Palmer Auto Service! - MILES W.

Great service and very helpful front office

The staff at Palmer service is very helpful in discussing the issues concerning your vehicle always explaining what is wrong and the options to fix the problems - MATT H.

Outstanding service

"We find the quality of work to be well done. In addition, we appreciate their suggestions for needed car maintenance - never "pushy just making us aware. Thanks!" - SHERRIE T.

Good trustworthy service

"Palmer Auto not only fixed my brake issue (air leak) for the minimum charge but also road tested my car to make sure it actually worked right. Also turned me around in less than a day during one of their busy times. Highly recommended." - Steve D.

Honest, great service

"Always honest, reasonable prices, prompt" - Taylor D.

Great repair shop

"They are very good and honest." - Craig and Linda S.

Friendly, professional

"Scheduled around my schedule - work was done on time" - Tom P.

Excellent Service

"Personal service, provided instantly, @ correct price

As expected, timely, cost effective - DOUGLAS F.